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Nashoba's "I SEE" Workbook

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The Nashoba’s “I SEE” workbook is designed to gradually increase a child’s ability to describe what he or she sees by first isolating, and then building upon, straightforward attributes such as size, color, shape, and texture. By viewing the environment as a series of color pictures, the child is introduced to more descriptive language in a clear, step-by-step manner. Using practice and repetition, the child is encouraged to describe what he or she sees, while expanding concrete labels into more expressive sentences.


This workbook utilizes proven educational techniques for children on the Autism Spectrum, and it is appropriate for classroom, individual, or home use.


It presents…

  • A concrete, visual approach to expanding descriptive language

  • A building block approach to generating expressive sentences

  • A practical format to reinforce writing skills and encourage written sentence formation (although a scribe may be used)

  • Oral quizzes to generalize written exercises into functional language

  • Suggested activities to support continued learning and broader generalization

  • Data collection tables for ease of transfer and communication between teachers and environments


This workbook has been used by speech therapists, special education teachers, TA’s, and parents.


It is appropriate for…

  • Kids on the Autism Spectrum

  • Children who prefer visual or concrete learning concepts

  • Students who benefit from structured learning


This is the third edition, released in 2016. It is part of the Nashoba’s Learning Series, which includes other workbooks and a companion “WH” board game.

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