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Workbook lessons are self-contained, ready-to-use, and easy to teach. There is no lesson planning required or adaptation needed, and each book contains a section for data collection in order to travel easily between people and places!


Games are designed to facilitate social skills, increase speech and language, and address specific abstract-learning challenges. The games incorporate the same principals as the workbooks and are designed to be highly visual, fun, and easy to play.

About the author

As a professional curriculum development specialist with a degree in psychology, various autism intervention experience (such as ABA, TEACCH and Floor Time), and previous experience working with special needs children, Terresa York set out to create straight-forward, easy-to-use, teaching tools to assist in the education of her own, autistic son. As a mother and a friend, she began to receive requests from parents, educators, & therapists to use her materials with other children. The Nashoba's Learning Series was created as a direct response to these requests.


The workbooks are currently used by public and private school teachers, home-trainers, parents and other autism specialists. They are available from retailers such as Barnes & Noble,, and Different Roads to Learning, Inc., and they are also sold to retail stores and distributors through Ingram.




"As a professional who has worked in the field for nearly 20 years and specializes in working with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I am also looking for fun ways to improve pragmatic language and overall social skills.  This game is a wonderful tool that's engaging while promoting conversation and reciprocal social interactions.  The instructions are easy to understand and the graphics are really appealing.  I predict that this game will be an integral part of my clinical practice for years to come!" ~

Claire Dumke, Psy.D. (Licensed Psychologist) 

"While there may be a lot of board games out there (and even a few for young kids that adapt to ASD), I have yet to find anything like this. Something the whole family can play together that teaches my step son along the way. The design is excellent, the positive reinforcement is built in and it provides the same level of teaching we would get from a therapist. All while having fun. Excellent product!"  ~

SEB (Autism Dad)  

"I purchased Nashoba's "Wh" Game because I am a teacher who works with students who have autism. I am always on the look out for innovative ways to teach communication skills. A game format - if it's a good one - can be a GREAT way to involve a student who is in the process of learning and building both social and communication strategies. Nashoba's "Wh" game surpassed my expectations. The instructions are easy to understand and teach, and the game is designed for flexibility; players can build on responses, with guidance. I like the fact that the game can end by determining who has the most tickets, or by who has crossed the finish line... From the front cover to the tickets players earn, this game is artfully, engagingly illustrated. I highly recommend this game for parents and special educators who want to encourage children, teens, and young adults who have autism to learn and use social skills and communication strategies. Did I mention it was fun? It is!"  ~

Becky (Teacher)  

"Wow! We love this curriculum and the game. We use it to help our students with ASD learn 'wh' questions during small group work and the game is a fun way for students to stay engaged and learn!" ~ 

Alayna Festi, M.A. Thunder Ridge Middle School (Learning Specialist)   


They are amazing! The content seems well thought out and I love the graphics.” ~

Claire Dumke, Psy.D. (Licensed Psychologist) 

"I am a registered nurse. I have a MS in Psychiatric/mental health nursing, and in addition, I also have a PhD in Research/Education in nursing. I have worked for over a decade with special needs kids, including children on the autism spectrum, both in a hospital (outpatient) and private setting. I just have to say that these workbooks are a breath of fresh air! Finally, a comprehensive, super easy to follow curriculum for helping kids expand language, ask questions, and organize their speech. 

The thing that struck me the most about the workbooks is how methodical and well-structured they were. Anyone can follow them. They can move with the child from hand-to-hand (environment to environment). And they can be used again and again as the child gains skill from the lessons.

I applaud Ms. York for sharing her experience and expertise -- her own private journey with an autistic child -- with the rest of us, and I'm looking forward to trying the board game!"


"As the step-father of an autistic child, I immediately saw the benefit to this workbook. Speech therapy is expensive and so is hiring a caregiver to work with your kid. A tool this effective can be used again and again for a fraction of the cost."  ~

SEB (Autism Dad)  

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