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Nashoba's "WH" Board Game

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The who, what, where, when,

why, and how game.

"As a professional who has worked in the field for nearly 20 years and specializes in working with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I am also looking for fun ways to improve pragmatic language and overall social skills.  This game is a wonderful tool that's engaging while promoting conversation and reciprocal social interactions.  The instructions are easy to understand and the graphics are really appealing.  I predict that this game will be an integral part of my clinical practice for years to come!" Claire Dumke, Psy.D. (Licensed Psychologist)



Increase a child's ability to answer

"WH" questions through practice and repetition, using simple concrete formats, while playing a fun, rewarding game.

Age 5 - Adult
Autism Education Games & Workbooks


The "WH" Game Board

A Sample Card from the

"WH" Game Questions

About the "WH" Game

Travel along the cobblestone steps of a knight's castle, while collecting golden Treasure Tickets and learning to answer "WH" questions along the way. Just beware of the Lose a Ticket spaces! Each square will prompt the player to draw a question card (Who, What, Where, When, How, or Why), and each correct answer will earn the player more tickets. Players may also be asked to tell something about themselves to another player (I want..., I have..., I like..., I see...), and a few lucky travelers may even stumble upon a chest full of treasure: "Win All the Lost Tickets." In the end, Treasure Tickets may be exchanged for a player's favorite reward, which positively reinforces the experience. 


The object of the game is to collect as much treasure as possible before someone arrives at the castle.

(COLORADO families/providers/educators only)

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